Winter Park Management

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Winter Park Management: How We Got Started

We bought a vacation home at the Ski-In/Ski-Out Iron Horse Resort in Winter Park in 2005. After being disappointed with the on-site rental program, we decided to rent on our own. Over the past few years, other owners who have been impressed with how we managed our unit have asked us to help manage and provide services for their properties.

Doing this led to a realization that Winter Park needed a company that provides high-quality property management, maintenance, and remodeling services at a fair price. We have been doing just that for our homeowners since 2007. This is an opportunity to combine our passion for the mountains and our hospitable personalities into a business that puts the homeowner first. Give us a call for a free no-obligation consultation for your mountain home. You won’t be disappointed!

The Benefits You Get When Using Our Management Services

The best benefit of all is getting more money in your pocket! We take between 25% and 30% as our commission for booking your vacation home. 95% of our homeowners made more money with us than they did with their previous management company. The range has been between 15% and 80% more money to the homeowner. But most importantly, we have achieved this with about 30% less usage than the competition.

Less rental nights translate into less wear and tear and more nights available for your own use. Going into next season, we have considerably expanded our internet presence as well as our European marketing efforts. This should translate into 10 to 20 more nights rented of reach unit, drastically increasing the spread between what you will make with our management company as compared to the competition.

You also have the option of renting less, making more than the completion and using it more yourself. After all, isn’t that why most of us have a vacation home? Send us an email [email protected] or call (720) 234-8172 to get numbers for a unit comparable to your own.

Our rental strategies help limit damage to your vacation home. Let’s face it—as homeowners, there is a cost to doing business when we rent our properties to strangers. We do several things to minimize this cost. First of all, we do not solicit large groups. In our experience, most of the damage occurs when large groups reserve multiple units. The individuals of the group tend not to be legally responsible for the unit and so naturally are not as careful with its contents.

Secondly, we hold a $250 security deposit from every renter. Nobody wants to lose this deposit, and so they take greater care of the unit. We further protect you, the homeowner, by way of a mandatory rental insurance policy which we charge to the renter. This policy covers damages to your unit for up to $1,000 with the renter being responsible for the first $250 and any damages over $1,000. This way, neither the homeowner nor the management company gets stuck with a damage bill.

Our housekeepers always carry checklists to make sure they do not miss anything. The size of each unit is considered, and the appropriate time is given to them. Quality is emphasized over quantity.

We also use green cleaning products, and each housekeeping team is equipped with a $3,000 Silver King Vacuum cleaner which removes dirt and dust from deep within your carpet. We also do deep cleaning once a year and give you the option to do it yourself, saving you money in the process.

Every homeowner will have their own login to the website. This will allow you to see all the reservations for your home as well as make a homeowner reservation. You will also have the ability to see statements online.

We offer in-house maintenance, repair, and remodeling services. With more than eight years of remodeling experience, we can handle most of the repair issues that arise. We also provide general cleaning services during the off-season. From installing new faucets to complete condo remodels in the summer, we’ve done it all. Units IH 3108, IH 4014, and IH4053 are top-down remodels handled by our company. We also completed the flooring remodel in ZML 2408.